Interestingly, China has a single time zone and doesn’t engage in any daylight saving program, so the entire country is in the GMT +8:00 time zone all year round.

This blog is exists to record some of my experiences living in China. With any luck, my friends who live in the U S and A will be able to share vicariously in some of these experiences. The intended tone is somewhere between (fine, within the convex hull containing) Patrick Stewart’s Captain’s Log, Dear Diary, Brad DeLong’s Grasping Reality, and mathbabe. Below are some topics that I might write about at some point:

  • Air pollution
  • Cash money
  • Work culture
  • Delivery guys
  • Traffic
  • Subway
  • Learning Chinese
  • Art
  • Stores
  • Expats
  • Social stratification
  • Holiday calendar
  • Bureaucracy

Those who know me reasonably well will know that I lead a pretty dull life, and that I like to talk about mundane things in an idea-oriented free-association way. I suspect that this blog will have some of that flavor. Also, as I look back on my life to date, I find that one mistake I make repeatedly is that I spend too much time analyzing and not enough time gathering information. Consequently, I’m going to try to keep posts concise, and write more to describe than explain. With any luck, this blog will be consistent with the maxim “existence precedes essence” (please pardon the abuse).

My plan is to produce a few posts before I share this with my friends. That way, there will a stock of things for early adopters to read.

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