Cigarette warning labels; air pollution part 2

Cigarette warning labels

Cigarette warning labels here are text only:

2015-12-15 22.56.12.

The text on the right translates (roughly) to “Smoking is harmful to health. Quitting smoking can reduce health risks.”

It’s interesting to compare the state of Chinese cigarette warnings with cigarette warnings in other parts of the world. The dry, clinical Chinese warnings have about the same level of urgency (salience?) as the old (current) American cigarette warnings. This is much less than what some European countries do with graphical cigarette warnings. The US FDA was going to roll these out a few years back, but the new warnings got stuck in court:

I’ve got no clue if the Chinese government has any plans to start putting in place tougher cigarette warnings. Certainly lots of people smoke here, so doing so might be a good idea.


Air pollution part 2

One nice thing about off-the-scale air pollution days is that the sun takes on a nice orange glow. It’s like an all-day sunset!

2015-12-22 09.03.21

Maybe there’s a tradeoff between lung cancer and skin cancer?

Another nice thing about air pollution is that heavy smog makes laser pointers a lot more fun:

2015-12-22 20.31.55 2015-12-22 20.32.12.


A word about posting frequency

I’ve been posting more frequently recently than I’d been previously. This is because I plan to send out the second e-mail circular in the next few days and I want to build up a stock of content on this blog for people to read. What remains to be seen is whether people will find this stock actually worth reading…

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