Longmen Grottoes

On the way back from Xi’an, I stopped by Luoyang, which is the home of the Longmen Grottoes. The Longmen Grottoes are famous Buddhist stone carvings. It was a very impressive site. Five Yelp stars.

A “grotto” (shi2 ku1 石窟) is evidently a recessed carving:

2016-06-14 11.20.52 2016-06-14 11.22.18.

There were lots of grottoes:

2016-06-14 11.26.29 2016-06-14 12.14.20.

Some of the carved idols were very big:

2016-06-14 11.51.42.

Others were smaller:

2016-06-14 11.27.40.

Some of the carvings exhibited signs of damage:

2016-06-14 11.28.26.

As I walked around, I kept thinking that it would have been great to bring along a real geologist to help interpret the rocks:

2016-06-14 12.28.49

2016-06-14 12.44.31

2016-06-14 11.46.30.

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