Neighborhood Market

About 1,000 feet from my apartment building is an open-air market that is open in the morning. It’s a bit like a farmers’ market, though, as in American farmers’ markets, most of the stalls aren’t actually operated by actual farmers. The stall operators are mostly resellers.

One interesting trait of the market near my apartment is that the stalls offer a pretty heterogeneous assortment of items. For example, one can buy pots and pans right next to a vegetable stand, pop a few over stalls over to get some salted eggs, and then walk 30 feet to buy some live oysters. (The fish and meat are in a separate part of the market from the fruits, veggies, and household goods.) I suppose it’s a bit like going to a normal supermarket, except you pay for items as you pick them up. Below are some photos of a guy selling LED light bulbs next to some fruit and vegetable stands:

2016-04-16 10.14.26 2016-04-16 10.09.10.

The fruits and vegetables available at the market vary by season. Right now, we’re starting to see stone fruit and some tropical fruit. It’s pretty common to see people selling pre-skinned pineapples all over the place, and the market is no exception. Notice the tool the guy in the left photo is using to remove the pineapple eyes:

2016-04-16 10.13.03 2016-04-16 10.13.01.

I bought some tiny mangoes:

2016-04-16 10.42.09.

I also bought some purple mangosteens. This was my first time trying this fruit!

2016-04-16 10.31.32 2016-04-16 10.32.25 2016-04-16 10.33.36 2016-04-16 10.36.07 2016-04-16 10.37.56.

The outside part of the peel of a purple mangosteen is hard, but once you break the shell the rest of the peel is pretty easy to get through. It’s a little spongy. The fruit inside has the texture of banana if banana were juicy. The flavor is very sweet and a little sour, perhaps a bit like lychee fruit, or lemon-lime soda.


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